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Happy Hour

Monday – Friday  /  4pm – 7pm

­available only at the bar & lounge on Sharks game night
• not available on all other SAP Center event nights


• Beer •


Bottled Domestic

Budweiser or Bud Light 3


Draft Imported

Sapporo or Kirin 4



• Sake •


Sake Sampler

2oz each of junmai, ginjo and dai ginjo  9


House Hot Sake

180 ml  4


Nigori Sake

Unfiltered sake  4



• Wine •


Daily Special

The day’s special red or white selection  5



Chardonnay, Monterey  7/26



Sauvignon Blanc, Edna Valley  8/30


The Seeker

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile  7/26



• Cocktails •


Well Drinks

Any drink made with well spirits  5  •  Martini 6



• Sushi & Sashimi •




Yellow Fin Tuna (5)  9


Scottish Salmon (5)  9


Yellowtail (5)  10


Mixed Sashimi

Tuna (3), Salmon (2), Yellowtail (2)  12


Albacore Tataki

Albacore tuna sashimi on the bed of daikon radish with scallions, ginger and ponzu sauce 13




California Roll – crab & avacado  4


Vegetarian Roll – cucumber, avocado, deep fried asparagus  4


Salmon Avocado Roll 5


Bluefin Tempura Roll – shrimp tempura, snow crab, avocado  6


Rainbow Roll – shrimp tempura roll topped with tuna, salmon, unagi, avocado  10


Happy Hour Sushi Combination

5 pieces nigiri sushi (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore tuna, shrimp) and california roll 15­­



• Appetizers •




Edamame   3


Wakame Salad   4




Oyster Shooter – two oysters, quail egg, ponzu sauce in shot glass  4


Blue Point Oysters (6)  9




Vegetable (6)  5


Shrimp (4)  6


Mixed (2 shrimp, 4 vegetable)  7



• Chicken & Beef •


Chicken Kara-Age

Bite sized Japanese style fried chicken  7


Spicy Fried Chicken

Crispy fried chicken with a sweet & spicy glaze  9



Korean style marinated BBQ beef  9



• Ramen •

*check for availability on Sharks game nights


Miso Ramen

Ramen noodle, miso broth, seaweed, kamaboko, scallions, half hard-boiled egg  9


Kimchee Spicy Ramen

Ramen noodle, spicy broth, green onion, seaweed, half hard-boiled egg, kimchee  9



cold appetizers from the sushi bar


Oysters on the Half Shell

Fresh selection of half dozen oysters with ponzu sauce  16


Assorted Sashimi Appetizer

7 slices of top grade sashimi: 3 tuna • 2 salmon • 2 yellowtail  16


Albacore Tuna Tataki

Premium Albacore sashimi served on daikon radish w/ ponzu sauce, minced garlic, and ginger  17


Albacore Sashimi

Fresh, thinly sliced, premium Albacore tuna drizzled with yuzu infused ponzu sauce  17


Salmon Sashimi Truffle Vinaigrette

Salmon sashimi with avocado and fried sweet yellow onion, white truffle oil, sesame oil and ponzu based vinaigrette  18


Hamachi Carpaccio

Thinly sliced yellowtail sashimi topped with shiso leaf, cilantro, ground sesame, lemon & olive oil infused ponzu sauce  19


Sashimi Aioli

Diced ahi tuna or salmon and avocado, sprinkled with black sesame, seasoned with agrumato lemon virgin olive oil, sambal olec garlic sauce and usukuchi soy  18


Rock Shrimp Tempura

Floridian Rock Shrimp tempura coated with homemade spicy sauce  18


hot appetizers from the kitchen


Jalapeño Edamame

Steamed soybean sautéed with garlic and jalapeño, topped with bonito flakes  9


Bluefin Gyoza

Homemade pan steamed pot stickers (6). Filling: beef, pork, sweet potato, noodle and tofu  10


Chicken Kara-Age

Bite sized, Japanese style seasoned fried chicken  10


Sauteed Shishito Pepper with Asparagus

Shishito pepper, garlic and asparagus sauteed with soy sauce, togarashi pepper and sesame oil  12



Char-broiled Korean marinated beef short rib  16


Triple Crab

Deep fried soft shell crab stuffed with spicy snow crab salad and red crab meat  18


Oyster Shooter with Quail Egg

Two oysters, quail egg, and tobiko caviar served in shot glass with ponzu sauce (no alcohol)  5


Hamachi Shooter

Yellowtail in a shot glass with white truffle oil, avocado, tobiko and black sesame  5


Salmon Shooter

Salmon in a shot glass with white truffle oil, avocado, fried onion and black sesame  5


Honeymoon Shooter

Sea urchin, oyster, quail egg and tobiko in shot glass with sweet ponzu sauce  9


Wakame Salad

Japanese-style seaweed salad  7


Green Salad

Seasonal greens with Bluefin house dressing  5/8


Tako Sunomono

Octopus and cucumber pickled in lightly sweet rice vinegar  10


Seafood Salad

Shrimp, crab sticks, albacore tuna and octopus on bed of Japanese radish and lettuce served with Bluefin house dressing  15


Ahi Poketini Garden Salad

Fresh ahi tuna with spring mix, daikon radish, and seaweed salad, seasoned with sesame soy dressing and lightly spiced chichimi pepper  18

Tempura (small plates)

Fried (Age Dashi) Tofu

Deep fried tofu  9


Mix Tempura

Shrimp (2) • vegetable (4)  10


Vegetable Tempura

Assorted vegetables (6)  9


Shrimp Tempura

Five pieces  12


à la carte
(4-5 pieces per order)


Kabocha  6

Sweet Potato  6

Broccoli  6

Eggplant  6

Zucchini  6

Yam  6

Asparagus  7

Shitake  7


Side Orders


Edamame  6

Oshinko  6

Rice or Miso Soup  3


(includes miso soup and rice)



• Teriyaki •


Pan Roasted Chicken Teriyaki

Pan roasted chicken thigh covered with homemade teriyaki sauce  22


Beef Sirloin Teriyaki

Pan seared and oven-roasted 10 oz black angus beef sirloin 28


Scottish Salmon Teriyaki

Oven-baked 8 oz. fresh salmon glazed with teriyaki sauce  26


• Tempura •


Mixed Tempura

Shrimp (2) and vegetables (8)  24


Vegetable Tempura

Assorted vegetable tempura (10-12)  22


Teriyaki & Tempura

Pan roasted chicken teriyaki and assorted tempura  26  (add $2 for teriyaki beef or salmon)


• Cooked Fish •


Saba Shioyaki

Butterflied Norway mackerel salted and broiled  26



Grilled eel with sweet sauce on a bed of rice  28


Miso Baked Wild Black Cod

8 oz of wild black cod from Alaska, oven-baked with saiko miso sauce  32


• Noodle & Stew •



Japanese udon noodle, chicken, clam, vegetable medley, egg, tempura  18



Traditional Japanese iron pot stew, comprised of mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, sweet potato noodle in sweet broth with your choice of protein  ||  chicken 24 • beef 28 • vegetarian 24


• Other •



Cutlet in panko batter and deep fried  || chicken w/teriyaki 24 • pork w/katsu 26 • cod w/tartar 26


Beef Short Rib

Traditional Korean style beef short rib marinated in Korean BBQ sauce, grilled and served  on sizzling iron plate  32


Bluefin Dinner Sampler

Tuna sashimi (4), sushi (4), tuna, salmon, white fish, unagi, shrimp tempura (3), beef short rib  30

Sushi & Sashimi Entreés

(sushi entrée includes miso soup  ||  sashimi entrée includes miso soup and rice)



Sushi Sampler

Nigiri (7) and a Bluefin tempura roll  28


Sashimi Choice

Twelve sashimi slices – choose from tuna, salmon and yellowtail  28


Chirashi Sushi

Traditional Japanese dish of various sashimi on sushi rice  30


Korean Style Chirashi Sushi

Sashimi mix and vegetables on rice with Chojang (spicy & sweet red chili sauce) on the side  30


Sushi Omakase

Sushi chef’s choice – special comprised of the best selection of today’s fish  34


Sashimi Moriwase

Beautiful sashimi platter comprised of best of season fish  38


Sushi & Sashimi Fune  (serves 2)

Five slices of tuna, five slices of salmon sashimi, thirteen pieces of nigiri sushi, and one Rainbow Roll  served on wooden boat and 2 miso soup  68

Bluefin Omakase

The Japanese translation of Omakaze is “to entrust” or, more accurately communicated, “to trust the chef.” This is your perfect opportunity to let Chef Jun craft an elegant 4 ~5 course dinner that’s both surprising and delightful.


100/  person


There is a minium of 2 guests and 2 day advanced notice required.  Please, email or call for availability.

Hand Crafted Rolls

Tiger Eye

salmon and green onion deep fried, rolled with spicy snow crab   12


Spider Roll

soft shell crab, cucumber, sprouts, tobiko  13


Caterpillar Roll

inside: shrimp tempura, snow crab / outside: avocado  13



inside: shrimp tempura, cucumber / outside: tuna, salmon, unagi, avocado  14


Bay Scallop

snow crab, avocado, spicy scallop, tobiko  14


Take A Chance

inside: shrimp tempura,  spicy tuna, cucumber / outside: tuna, avocado  15


Albacore Dynamite

inside: spicy salmon, cucumber / outside : albacore, jalapeno, sweet sesame sauce  16



inside: shrimp tempura, snow crab / outside: unagi, avocado  16


Baked Salmon

inside: unagi, snow crab, avocado / outside: salmon, tobiko, lightly baked  16


Red Dragon

inside: shrimp tempura, snow crab / outside: sesame flavored spicy tuna  17


Shark’s Big Bite

inside: spicy hamachi, unagi / outside: hamachi, jalapeño, creamy wasabi sauce, tobiko  17


Roll Alameda

inside: snow crab salad, cucumber / outside: sesame flavored spicy tuna, tobiko  17


Unagi Macadamia

unagi, snow crab, avocado mango, macadamia nut in soy crepe  18



salmon, snow crab, mango, avocado in green soy crepe  18


San Jose Ole

spicy tuna & asparagus in soy wrap: deep fried, wasabi sauce, jalapeno slices (no rice)  16