Bluefin Sushi & Japanese Restaurant | Sushi Vocabulary
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Sushi Vocabulary

Sushi Vocabulary

A list of common Japanese words relating to sushi:

Itamae-san – The sushi chef. literally means someone standing in front of cutting board, master chef

Wasabi – Green, very hot Japanese horseradish.

Gari – Pickled ginger

Sashimi – Raw fish served chilled, sliced, and arranged without rice

Nori – Seaweed used with rolled sushi

Sakana – Fish

Hashi – Chopsticks

Shoyu – Japanese soy sauce

Goma – Sesame seeds

Shari – Vinegared rice ball

Neta – Sushi topping

Oshinko – Japanese pickles

Daikon – Asian white radish, served grated as garnish for sashimi. It can be eaten

Oshibori – rolled up hot towel. Usually it is provided to sushi bar customers to clean hands if they prefer to eat sushi with finger instead of chopsticks

Agari – Agari indicates hot green tea in Japanese cuisine. It usually served at the end of meal. You don’t say agari when you drink green tea at home