Bluefin Sushi & Japanese Restaurant | About
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Personally hand crafted and made from unique spices and sauces with the freshest grades of sustainable fish or shellfish and served over, around or in freshly made rice.  Most of our fish is served raw to preserve the true flavors while others are cooked to add variety, texture, and different flavors to the sushi.


In today’s world wide market place where fish can be served fresh daily – even after being caught several thousands of miles away – Bluefin’s long history and relationships allow the chefs to select only the highest grades of fish available at that time. This is our true differentiation in San Jose, similar to the premium steak houses where beef is graded into 11 categories from Prime+ to Standard-.


Though farm raised fish have become commonplace in our diets today, we avoid farm raised fish – which have come to be known to contain antibiotics or hormones – and in addition, specifically strive to select the best quality, locally sourced fish.


For those true connoisseurs of sushi, Bluefin regularly imports unique fish from Japan selected at their peak of taste and flavor based on the season and micro-climate of the area.


Enjoy and taste the difference true quality can bring to sushi.